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Fitzpatrick’s Tavern Pub & Grill

25 Aug

IMG_3279.jpgLast weekend, we found ourselves a little north of Santa Barbara as we spent the day visiting the Folded Hills Farmstead to pick some berries and feed the animals. After working up an appetite, we headed to Fitzpatrick’s Tavern in Solvang as I had discovered them on the Find Me Gluten-Free app. I always get a kick out of visiting Solvang with their horse-drawn wagons, wind mills and Danish architecture. After talking at length with our waitress, I learned that they have GF buns, they prepare them on a portion of the grill that is not contaminated with gluten, and they have a dedicated fryer for their fries. I had a cheeseburger but might try the Spicy Melt burger next time. If you are looking for a no frills, standard (and safe) burger and fries this is your place.


The Counter

25 Jan

GF CheeseburgerLast weekend, I spent a couple of days in Palo Alto as a way to relax before our baby arrives. After getting up there, my first stop was The Counter in Palo Alto. This incredibly GF friendly burger chain offers customized burgers with a GF Udi’s bun. I ordered a cheddar cheese burger with lettuce, tomato, sautéed onions and a chipotle aioli. It felt so normal being able to order a burger on a bun. The only thing that would have made the burger better would have been to use Canyon Bakehouse’s bun as theirs is less dry. The waitress also informed me that they had a dedicated fryer if I wanted to enjoy some fries.

Cheese FriesOf course I did. And of course it made sense to add some cheese to those fries since I only have a couple more months of wearing expandable pants. The Counter has locations all over California, so I am crossing my fingers that Santa Barbara will get one of their own!


20 Jan

Sometimes you just want to eat a burger and fries. When that craving hits (like it did today), we run to In-N-Out where I can get my burger protein style, and my husband can have the grilled cheese. The fact that they make their fries in a dedicated fryer just makes it that much better.

On another topic, a couple of nights ago we went to Pizza Guru. You may recall that last time we were there, the person that helped us told us that we could have the bread sticks made GF. Well, the people we spoke to this time around said that is not true. Has anyone ever been able to order the bread sticks there?

Also, I called C’est Cheese which is a wonderful local cheese shop in downtown Santa Barbara. They have some very appealing sounding sandwiches on their menu so I figured I would ask if they have GF bread. WELL… the lady I spoke with on the phone had just started to look into providing GF bread! It will be a while until they actually have it, but I just think that is so exciting!


30 Nov

While we were in NJ, we ate at Houston’s since my grandparents love the veggie burgers there. I personally LOVE their fries. You just need to request them to be made without the seasoning since that is not GF. The staff there is very knowledgeable about what is and isn’t gluten-free. It is so nice to enjoy fries knowing they are in a dedicated fryer!