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13 Aug

Vegetable TempuraAfter returning from Portland, we stopped in Manhattan Beach for some dinner at Rice. Here, we found a safe place for Celiacs to enjoy sushi and more! Everything GF is clearly marked on the menu. Additionally, our waiter was very knowledgeable about all of the GF sauces. We started by ordering some Vegetable Tempura made in gluten-free oil. We also ordered the Potatoes.

PotatoesThese were served with a creamy curry sauce and a spicy-koji sauce. We then split three rolls. Since my husband is vegetarian, we stuck to the Vegan Roll selection. The first roll we had was the Dynamite Roll.

Dynamite RollThis roll had spicy tofy and avocado with their spicy dynamite sauce on top. This was our favorite of the three as it had lots of flavor. The second roll we ordered was the Yellow Brick Road.

Yellow Brick RoadThis one had crispy tofu on an avocado, cucumber and asparagus roll. It was topped with a sweet and spicy sauce. My favorite part of this roll though was the crispy kale served on the side of it. It had a tendency to just melt in my mouth. The third roll we got was the Crispy Green Roll.

Crispy Green RollThis roll had garlic chilli cucumbers served on an asparagus, avocado and shiso roll with soy paper. At the end of our meal when we were leaving, we were offered a lollipop. The hostess even showed me the packaging to show that they were gluten-free! This is definitely our new go-to spot if we are near LA!


Red O

29 Jun

Corn and Goat Cheese TamaleThis past week, we went to LA for a day to look for some furniture. There was a fantastic store called HD Buttercup that we fell in love with. It was like West Elm but bigger and better. After working up an appetite, we headed over to Red O, a restaurant by Rick Bayless. You may recall that we had a great experience at Frontera Grill when we were in Chicago. He obviously makes sure the staff is aware of dietary restrictions at all of his restaurants. There was plenty for me to order, but I ended up getting three of the smaller dishes. I had the Corn and Goat Cheese Tamales. These had fresh ground corn masa with roasted poblano chiles. I also had the Fresh Oysters.

Fresh OystersThe oysters were served with a tomatillo-habanero miñoneta, smoky chipotle-garlic salsa & fresh-cut limes. The last item I had was the Spicy Baja Yellowtail Aguachile. This ceviche had spicy serrano chiles, lime, red onion, avocado and cilantro oil. This was my favorite of the three items. I ate it so quickly that there was no time for a picture. As a note, the corn chips here are not GF as they are fried in contaminated oil. However, they have fresh corn tortillas available as a substitute.

Lemonade at LAX

23 Oct

This past weekend I was in Ohio for a family wedding. On my way back to Santa Barbara, I had a two hour layover in Los Angeles at LAX. To my surprise, I found a very gluten-free friendly place called Lemonade in Terminal 5. Lemonade had a clear labeling system so that it was easy to determine which items were gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan or had high protein. The first item I had was the Santa Fe beluga lentils, hearts of palm and jicama.

The second item I had was the avocado with cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and lime. The third item I tried was cauliflower, red bell peppers and peas.

I loved how much variety there was. It was so nice to be able to have choices at an airport of all places! Well done Los Angeles International Airport in bringing a gluten-free friendly option to your travelers!

Feel Good Foods Popup Brunch

25 Aug

While we lived on the East Coast, we always made sure to visit Friedman’s in NYC. They always had the best gluten-free brunch items. When the owners sold the restaurant to focus on their gluten-free company, Feel Good Foods, we knew their products would be amazing (and they are!). This weekend, the team behind Feel Good Foods held a popup gluten-free brunch in Los Angeles. It was absolutely worth the drive. We started by sharing an order of the fried green tomatoes.

I can’t remember ever having these (pre -diagnosis), but I definitely should have. I was surprised by how flavorful the breading was. For my main dish, I had the fried chicken with cheddar waffles.

The chicken was so crispy and yummy that I would have ordered a second portion of this had it not been so filling. The consistency of the waffle was great as well. The hubs ordered the blueberry pancakes which I helped myself to.

These were nice and fluffy, which isn’t always the case with gluten-free pancakes. I attempted to order a gluten-free biscuit but they had sold out of them for the day. If you are within driving distance of Los Angeles, try to book a table for tomorrow’s brunch… you won’t be disappointed!