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Sicilian Sun

21 Jun

One of my favorite things to do while home is to order in from Sicilian Sun and play cards with my grandparents. I always start with the Tossed Salad which has a light and tasty vinaigrette. They also offer gluten-free pizza. This time, I had a cheese pizza with garlic that had a nice and crisp crust.


Janice a bistro

20 Jun

One of my favorite places to go when I am in New Jersey is Janice a bistro in Ho-Ho-Kus. Fun fact: Ho-Ho-Kus is the only double hyphenated town in the country! Janice’s has always been incredibly gluten-free friendly with items on the menu clearly marked if they can be prepared GF. This visit, I had the grilled chicken sandwich with cheddar, avocado, bacon and chipotle mayo. I also got a side of their parmesan garlic fries since they are made in a dedicated fryer.

Simply Vietnamese

13 Jun

While in New Jersey, we discovered a Vietnamese restaurant that was incredibly gluten-free friendly. Right on the menu of Simply Vietnamese in Tenafly, it had items starred that they were able to prepare GF! I had gluten-free vegetable dumplings which were really good. We then split two dishes, the spicy pad thai and the crispy tofu with vegetables.

The pad thai had a subtle heat to it and had a nice flavor. And then there was the crispy tofu…

There was the choice of putting it with a garlic or spicy sauce. Since I could not have the garlic sauce, the waiter offered to do it with a spicy curry sauce. This was SPICY, but in a good way. There was loads of flavor and I have a feeling I will be thinking about this dish for months to come.

Lunch at Houston’s

13 Jun

I have written about my love for Houston’s before. This time I ordered the branzino with the fries. As a reminder, for the fries, you need to have them hold the seasoning. You also need to order the ketchup for the fries without the seasoning.

La Riviera Trattoria

10 Jun

We were back in New Jersey visiting family, so I took it upon myself to search for a new gluten-free restaurant to try. I read about La Riviera Trattoria and their GF menu online, so we decided to try it the first night we were there. We started with the stuffed artichoke with GF breadcrumbs.

I had never had a artichoke with bread crumbs (for obvious reasons), but I really enjoyed this. We also shared the fresh roasted peppers with mozzarella that were consumed too quickly for a photo opp. My husband ordered the GF gnocchi with a butter and sage sauce so that I could sample it.

This was incredibly rich and good. It is a good thing I don’t live closer to this restauant or else I could see myself eating this dish multiple times a week, and growing horizontally quite rapidly. I ordered chicken parmigiana for my main dish.

I can’t remember the last time that I was able to order this at a restaurant. It was always one of my favorite comfort foods growing up so it made me so happy to be able to have it again, bread crumbs and all. And… since I tend to overorder when given a GF menu, we also had an order of the GF penne with garlic and broccoli.

This was a lighter pasta that went well with my chicken parmigiana. I wasn’t going to get dessert but then I looked at the menu and there was a gluten-free brownie with vanilla ice cream demanding to be ordered.

Thank goodness I had my parents, grandparents and husband to help out with this since I had eaten way too much at this point. The brownie had a really good consistency and taste to it though. This restaurant was so overly accommodating thanks to the owner’s daughter having celiac. They take great pride in ensuring that there is no cross contamination in the preparation of the GF items. If you can even think about food at the end of your meal (which I personally couldn’t), they have pasta, bread crumbs and other assorted GF products available for puchase on your way out.


30 Nov

While we were in NJ, we ate at Houston’s since my grandparents love the veggie burgers there. I personally LOVE their fries. You just need to request them to be made without the seasoning since that is not GF. The staff there is very knowledgeable about what is and isn’t gluten-free. It is so nice to enjoy fries knowing they are in a dedicated fryer!