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25 Mar

We went to Opal last night with some friends. I started with the special soup which was a  Creamed Potato and Spinach Soup. Luckily for me, there was no flour in it. I then ordered the Salmon Filet with a Thai Curry Sauce. Usually, they drizzle a hoisin sauce on top but since that has soy sauce, they omitted it.

This was incredibly delicious. I loved the julienned vegetables that were served with it. Although our waitress wasn’t entirely sure as to what was GF or not, she was in close contact with the kitchen and they were incredibly knowledgeable.

Silvergreen’s GF Menu

21 Mar

Silvergreens just made it a whole lot easier to order if you have to eat on a gluten-free diet. When we went tonight, I was pleasantly surprised to receive the menu above. I ended up getting a half sandwich with a cup of soup. The Tillamook Grilled Chicken sandwich was wrapped in lettuce and included grilled chicken, Tillamook cheddar, tomatoes, red onions and mayo. I chose the potato cheddar for my soup. Potatoes and cheese are always a fantastic combination. It is just so nice to be able to go to a restaurant that has been proactive in accommodating the gluten-free diet!


18 Feb

Last night my parents and I decided to try Julienne since we have been hearing good things about it. I started with their special cauliflower soup which had little bits of the most flavorful purple cauliflower in the center of it. I then had their caesar salad without the croutons.

It had a garlic anchovy dressing that was quite wonderful and was topped off with lots of grated cheese. For my main dish, I had the steamed halibut with crispy red lentils and a cabbage puree.

The crispy lentils that went with this were so unbelievably tasty. I could eat a whole bowl of them. I wasn’t going to order dessert but then I saw that they had a homemade ice cream that night that was York Peppermint Patties ice cream. Our waitress assured me that it was GF and so I made the very good decision of ordering it.

This tasted like a great mint ice cream with the bonus of getting little chunks of the peppermint patties. This entire meal was just so fantastic. Our waitress was very well informed as to what I could and could not have. Another perk of dining here is that they have embraced the farm to fork mentality, supporting our local Santa Barbara businesses. We will definitely be returning sooner than later to get more of this gem!

Lunch at Sojourner Cafe

6 Feb

If you are like me, you sometimes look at restaurant websites to see what their specials are for the day. That is what I was doing this morning when I saw “hearty vegetable soup” on Sojourner Cafe’s menu and knew that that was what I must consume for lunch. I started with a cup of this GF hearty soup which was perfect on an overcast day like today. Then I had the garlicky caesar salad without croutons.

I wasn’t planning on getting dessert, but then our waitress informed me that they had a gluten-free brownie bite. Of course I had to get it so that you could see a picture of it.

This was the perfect amount of richness. What a perfect lunch for a rare day off from work!

Silvergreens To Go

28 Dec

Ok. I know that doesn’t look very appetizing. This was what my potato cheddar soup from Silvergreens looked like after driving it home. However, after mixing it up a bit, it looked a bit better and was quite delicious. I also got the Thai Chicken Pasta with GF pasta and grilled chicken.

This was very yummy. I was afraid that the sauce might be a bit heavy, but I found that it was on the lighter side and full of flavor.

Blue Boar Restaurant

13 Dec

The Blue Boar Restaurant is located in the Blue Boar Inn in Midway. You have to see this place. It has a charming, old European feel to it in a sort of romantic way. The room is furnished with antiques from all over the world. Our waitress even brought me a printed sheet detailing where all of the items came from. Now on to the food. I started with the French Onion Grantinee which they prepared for me without the bread. I love french onion soup and this was no exception. I then had the Blue Boar Salad which the waitress recommended. This consisted of mixed greens, tomatoes and manchego cheese with a white balsamic vinaigrette. I thought it was the perfect amount of dressing and the big shreds of cheese on top certainly were appreciated. For my main, I had the Butternut Squash Risotto.

In it was radicchio, asparagus, manchego cheese and truffle oil. It was very good and it would have been the perfect end to my very filling meal. But then when the waitress was saying that their Creme Brulee was voted best in the state, I decided to continue eating. It was pretty straightforward as far as Creme Brulees go. There were no big surprises, but it was VERY good. The only problem was that I managed to eat so much at dinner that I felt a bit ill at the end of the night. I definitely want to return and eat a more appropriate amount.

Tree Room at Sundance Resort

13 Dec

One of the days we were in Utah, we skied at Sundance Resort which is close to the home we were staying at. During the day, my husband and I had Kind Bars for lunch. When it was time for dinner, we were hungry. We went to the Tree Room at Sundance. First, there was an amuse bouche that was served. Since they couldn’t verify if it was GF, they gave me strawberries with balsamic that were good. I then had the special soup which was a corn soup with some chives and other tasty ingredients that I don’t remember.

This was particularly good, especially since we had been out in the cold all day. For my main dish, I had the duck. To be honest, I don’t think I have ever ordered duck before in my life. I just saw that it was served with risotto which sounded really appealing that night.

This was served with butternut squash, pecan risotto, brussels sprouts, cranberry and a molasses glaze. Consider me a duck fan.